Images of Desire: Jaqueline Lapa Sussman

Today, many people’s images of sexuality have been shaped by society and the media. Eidetic images–the natural images encoded in the brain–have been buried under those imposed layers of false imagery. Jaqueline Lapa Sussman demonstrates how the use of eidetic imagery can heal and enhance one’s natural sensual abilities, allowing the true sensual self to flourish. ($14.95, paperback)


Freedom from Failure: Jaqueline Lapa Sussman

Many of us see closed doors between our goals and our present lives. Here, through easy-to-use “prescriptions” and visualization exercises, Jaqueline Lapa Sussman reveals the keys to unlock these doors. The keys-the secret, primary images, known as Eidetics, that we all hold inside- are, when used correctly, a force to heal and enhance our natural abilities, enabling the true self to flourish and succeed. ($25.95, hardcover)


Paradoxes And Principles in Neuropsychology: Karl Pribram

This classic book remains a significant contribution to the field, offering foundational work concerning memory as well as the holographic hypothesis. ($35.00)


ABC of Imagery/ Akhter Ahsen

Rapid, easy, free-flowing play of mental images. Wide range of 55 imagery scenarios for identifying and strengthening positive self-images. Especially helpful to problem imagers. An exciting introduction to the possibilities of mental imagery. ($9.95 paperback.)


Age Projection Test: Short-Term Treatment of Hysterias, Phobias, and Other Themes: Ahsen

Targeted imagery procedure for immediate entry into events which precipitated trauma. Exceptional for accident trauma, post-traumatic stress, hysterias, phobias and other extreme symptoms. Specific imagery instructions guide administration of the procedure for diagnosis and effective treatment. ($20.00, spiral bound.)


Ahsen’s Image Psychology: Judith Hochman

A comprehensive overview of Ahsen’s Image Psychology and its applications in psychotherapy, psychological experiment, education, sociology, mythology and literature. Systematic presentation of theoretical notions and their context, including references to relevant sources and techniques in Ahsen’s work for further reading. ($10.00, paper)


Aphrodite: The Psychology of Consciousness: Ahsen

The goddess of love, Aphrodite, offers a sustaining image in the mind which reconciles opposites and heals the injuries imposed by history upon the feminine essence. Imagery exercises lead each person on a personal and mythic journey into important realms of feminine vision. ($14.95, paper)


Basic Concepts in Eidetic Psychotherapy: Ahsen

A wealth of illustrative case histories focusing on psychosomatics easily reveals the eidetic imagery operations and principles which achieve healing. An extremely practical and instructive overview of the dynamic clinical techniques of Eidetic Psychotherapy. ($35.00, hardcover)


Behaviorists’ Misconduct in Science: The Untold Story of the Image in Cognitive Psychology: Ahsen

In 1967, Ahsen first publicly demonstrated imagery and the eidetic process before clinicians at the Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute of Temple University. This book not only describes the demonstration, but also how suppression of the contribution and misrepresentation by leading behaviorists interfered with and slowed the development of imagery as a discipline. ($25.00, paper)Beyond MS: It’s All in the Image/Nancy A. BentAn inspiring personal story of recovery from multiple sclerosis and Ms. Bent’s journey of images that went Beyond MS to newer health and vitality. Includes readable descriptions of Ahsen’s innovative eidetic image methodology and approach to psychosomatic medicine that obliterated the MS symptoms by counteracting the shattering condition of MS. ($14.95, paper)



Eidetic Parents Test: Imagery Techniques for Analysis and Treatment of Developmental Themes and Symptoms: Ahsen

Systematic presentation eludicating how eidetic images can be used for diagnostic testing and therapeutic intervention lucidly presents a complete picture of family dynamics. Techniques for exploring and interpreting imagery are described along with specific applications for brief and comprehensive psychological reports and marriage and family counseling. An invaluable resource and guide. ($35.00 hardcover)


Ganesh: The Broken and the Misshapen: Ahsen

Entry to consciousness begins by tearing the veils of illusion- Mara. In this book, Ahsen narrates an unforgettable mythic journey on the rapids of the mind. Through the image of Ganesh, the elephant-head god who appears in this book as the master oarsman of Hindu mythology, the reader will navigate the River of Mara, removing obstacles and retrieving consciousness anew. ($20.00, paper)




Hot and Cold Mental Imagery: Ahsen

Theory, research and practice concerning the dynamics of temperature in mental imagery as an integral, subtle part of the total mind-body plan-action. Demonstrates how a specific temperature in relationship to time-space in an image instigates a person’s physiology like a thought, word or belief system. This seals a plan in the form of a code which can be unlocked through special imagery maneuvers. ($30.00, paper)


Illuminations on the Path of Solomon: Ahsen

In the court of Solomon, where primordial powers become manifest again through psychological personification in the Jinns, those magical Beings representing fulfillment, all things become possible. With each person is born a spirit companion, a Jinn, who connects their person with the larger cosmos. On the illumined path provided in numerous exercises, the Jinn is recaptured for realization of pure abilities and expansion of consciousness. ($30.00, paper)


Image & Word in Ahsen’s Image Psychology/Hochman Hochman

explores some of the scientific, philosophical and sacred traditions of the East and West as a context for the Image and Word in Ahsen’s Image Psychology. This illuminating journey into language, myth and psychology introduces us to “The Bronze Serpent” by Ahsen, printed here for the first time, with new eidetic imagery explorations. ($25.00, paper)


Imagery and Sociology: Ahsen

An edited volume exploring the neglected role of mental imagery in the social psychology of George Herbert Mead, and its relationship with the imagery movement in psychology and current literature in sociology. New educational perspectives are discussed and imagery exercises given for use within the sociological context. ($25.00, paper)


Imagery Bibliography: Ahsen

Especially designed with the imagery researcher in mind, this important volume puts together in one source references relating to mental imagery. An indispensable aid. ($25.00, paper)


Imagery Treatment of Phobias, Anxiety States and Other Symptom Complexes in Akhter Ahsen’s Image Psychology: Anna T. Dolan

A practical overview of imagery treatment by the Chief of Psychiatry at Yonkers General Hospital, describing cases of allergies, angina, loss of appetite, backache, elevated blood pressure, accident and other traumas, ulcerative colitis, phobias, and depression. Includes discussion of optometry, assertiveness training, group therapy, use in the hospital and private settings, marriage and family counseling, dream analysis, and longevity potentials. ($40.00, paper)


Learning Ability & Disability: An Image Approach: Ahsen

Imagery technique for the learning disabled presented in 30 systematic steps. Beginning at the early roots of perception using a Nature photograph, movement through the eidetic image removes distance from educational objects and encourages re-engagement in the spirit of adventure. Theory and technique described, with case histories. Includes four full-color Nature photographs for use in a one-to-one setting, in the classroom or clinic. Easy to use. ($30.00, hardcover; additional set of Nature photographs, $20.00)


Manhunt in the Desert: The Epic Dimensions of Man: Ahsen

This 426-page encounter rocks consciousness into an acute awareness of itself and finally of our own nature which is hidden away but is ready to empower us again. In Joseph Campbell’s words, “a magnificent poem of powerful images, rendering its legend of spiritual quest and realization…” ($9.95, paper)


Menstruation and Menopause: Imagery Therapeutics in Social Context: Ahsen

Discusses and demonstrates the negative impact of a pressured information-oriented society on the feminine body. Therapeutic imagery exercises for understanding symptomology and bringing forth the warm positive feminine expression and body functioning. ($20.00, hardcover)


Mental Imagery Abstracts: Ahsen

A bibliographic guide comprising abstracts from papers published in the Journal of Mental Imagery from 1977 through 1989. ($25.00, paper)Mythopoesis and the Crisis of Post-modernism: Toward Integrating Image and Story/ Lois J. ParkerAn exploration of Ahsen’s Image Psychology with respect to its storied line, in which the author asks if his theory, having an experiential emphasis, might might be one in which image and story might be shown to function psychologically together. ($25.00, paper)


New Structuralism: Images in Dramatic Interlock: Ahsen

Following the discussion of Structuralism in psychology and literature, Ahsen’s essay proposes The New Structuralism as an imagery approach to relinking with the genuinely New, emphasizing presence rather than loss and absence. ($25.00, paper)


New Surrealism: the Liberation of Images in Consciousness: Ahsen

Taking forward the intention of classical Surrealism, Ahsen’s New Surrealism reengages the pure imagination and enables each person to achieve freedom from the horrifying symptoms of the modern age by liberating new, positive images in consciousness, following the call to “Make it New!” The book provides a history of Surrealism, discussion of New Surrealism, lead commentary by the famous surrealist critic, J.H. Matthews, 12 commentaries from literature, art, and psychology, and chapter after chapter of easy to use imagery exercises. ($25.00, paper)


New Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Akhter Ahsen’s Eidetic Image Therapy: Toni Nixon

A systematic imagery approach to the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse based on the organism’s inborn capacity for and desire to reach what Ahsen calls the “Expectation High.” Through the eidetic method, the person is able to see and experience the world from a profoundly different perspective and access the resources necessary to achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. ($25.00, paper)


Prolucid Dreaming: Ahsen

An innovative new approach to the dream experience. Using the power of parental images as filters, it unearths new levels of consciousness and heals the memory of negative dream sequences during the waking state. Theory and technique accompanied by case examples. Literary and practical. ($25.00, paper)


Psycheye: Self-Analytic Consciousness: Ahsen

Since 1977 when Psyche was first published, it has been internationally acclaimed as a leading book in self-healing exercises through imagery. A highly effective handbook which offers a broad spectrum of exercises for personal and professional growth and change. Theory, technique and exercises for individual self-analysis, consciousness work for couples, and Positive Group experiences are also provided in the book. “The main thrust of the book is to bring individuals to use the resources of their own consciousness in response to eidetic imagery…”- Contemporary Psychology; “Valuable and provocative…”- Brain/Mind Bulletin ($30.00, hardcover)


Rhea Complex: A Detour Around Oedipus Complex: Ahsen

Named after the first sister-wife in Greek mythology, Rhea Complex imagery explores the primeval mind before the onset of taboo in the love bond between siblings. Heals sibling relationships, as well as love relationships, by deeply remedying the self-image through a new, revealing light with sociological implications. Exercises are easily accessible. ($35.00, hardcover)


Theories of Image Formation: David F. Marks

An in-depth analysis of key issues and concepts in a highly readable and interesting style, including a revealing, thought-provoking discussion of New Structuralism, with fascinating accounts of the experimental, clinical, cognitive and computational approaches to the image. Contributors: Akhter Ahsen, Peter McKellar, Gosaku Naruse, B.R. Bugelski, Stephen R. Kosslyn, James D. Roth and Eliott Mordkowitz; Michael C. Corballis,Geir Kaufman, John C. Yullie and David F. Marks. ($45.00, hardcover)


Trojan Horse: Imagery in Psychology, Art, Literature and Politics: Ahsen

Addresses the engaging theme of the manifest and hidden sides of the image. Using the metaphor of the Trojan horse, Ahsen describes the image and its activity as false or true, obvious or ironic, the former being used to sell and the latter being able to guide enlightenment. Imagery experiments and exercises elucidate dynamics. ($35.00, hardcover)


Vividness of Visual Imagery: Measurement, Nature, Function & Dynamics: Stuart J. McKelvie

A meta-analytic critique of the construct validity of VVIQ with directions for future research by McKelvie; followed by commentaries by Akhter Ahsen, Francis S. Bellezza, Alfredo Campos, Cesare Cornoldi, Michel Denis, Ernest R. Hilgard, Shinsuke Hishitani, Albert N. Katz, Geir Kaufmann, Robert G. Kunzendorf, David F. Marks, David. G. Pearson, Alan Richardson, John T.E. Richardson, Peter W. Sheehan, Judith A. Slee and Benjamin Wallace. ($30.00)