7:30 – 10:00 PM



Meets every Tueday

of the month from October 2012

through July, 2013


Cost: $75



11 Sasqua Trail

Weston, CT 06883



Jaqueline Sussman  



This Eidetic Imagery Program gives participants a foundation in the field of Imagery Psychology, as founded by the world’s leading researcher and theoretician in the field, Dr. Akhter Ahsen. It is designed to meet the needs of health care professionals, educators, therapists, psychologists, and those interested in self-growth. Eidetic Imagery, a profound resource within, is an ancient healing art which modern science is now “discovering” as the direct link to the brain chemicals that influence emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.


Eidetics are special images, which are neurologically recorded in the brain of one’s life experience. They contain three basic elements known as I – S – M


I = the visual component

S = the somatic component, which are the physical and emotional states associated with it

M = the meaning or significance of the experience


Quotes from health care
practitioners and psychotherapists
who attended Eidetic Seminars with
Jaqueline Lapa Sussman


“Excellent to use in my practice”…


“Really enjoyed experimental piece”…


“Wish it had been longer”


“Clear, useful, lots of good info”


”Mind expanding”


”Unique, powerful, new ideas.”

Working with Eidetics enables one to access the specific images of their personal history, which impacts their emotional, mental, and physiological health. The Eidetic overcomes fixed negative states and brings forth the power and vibrancy of one’s original genetic capacity. It allows brings forth image of one’s spiritual depth.


The Eidetic Image, in contemporary scientific research, is intimately associated with Dr. Akhter Ahsen, scientist, poet, philosopher, who has developed a field of Eidetic study that spans the disciplines: clinical and experimental psychology, literature, art, education, religious studies and mythology. His approach is the art and science of dealing with consciousness, and his prolific writings have influenced psychology as we know it today.


The Eidetic Imagery Training Program will meet once a month for 3 hours. It will provide didactic information as well as, experiential exercises and encourages that meets each participants specialized interest.


Part I

Topics covered:

1. Eidetic Imagery: A Consciousness Psychology

2. The Essential Eidetic: (ISM and Discriminating other Imagery Processes. How to use this image in mind/body healing practice. Eidetic Empathy. Hemispheric Images

3. Eidetic Parents Test – Targeting developmental themes


Part II

1. The Mythological Dimension in Imagery of Healing:

2. Age Projection Test I – Eidetic targeting and resolution of hysteria, phobias, traumatic themes

4. Brief Treatment

5. Group Work: Eidetic Empathy Groups – A Universal Connection


Part III

1. Accident Trauma

2. Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome


Part IV

1.Imagery and Altered States of Consciousness

2. Imagery Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

3. Hot and Cold Imagery and Neurophysiology

4. Heart Images 5. Sexuality: Self and Society Certification: