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Accredited by the International Imagery Association


An in-depth comprehensive three-year training program for practitioners of diverse theoretical backgrounds who want to investigate and use Eidetic image techniques and research in their work.





Eidetic images are powerful images seen in the mind like a movie or film strip. They are different from other kinds of images because they reproduce important life events in exact detail to reveal both the cause and the solution to problem areas. The goal of Eidetic Imagery is to recover positive states of consciousness and apply them to all areas of life to create a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Eidetic images contain three basic elements, which are known as the ISM (I – the visual image of the event, S- the physical and emotional feelings associated with it, M- the meaning or significance of the image. Eidetic images are the special images that are neurologically recorded in the brain and systematically stored away for future reference. When called, the Eidetic images recreate a vivid experience of events and conflicts in a person’s life – with drama, clarity and detail.

As each Eidetic “record” is retrieved and thoroughly examined through Dr. Ahsen’s step-by-step approach, any unresolved areas are revealed and their underlying causes are identified. From this enhanced perspective, emotional difficulties can be viewed with greater insight, and the solutions to long-standing problems become clear. As a person gains access to inner strengths and resources through the Eidetic method, troublesome issues are effectively resolved and the experience of health and well being is restored.




This series is structured to give the participants a comprehensive understanding of the scope of the work. Lectures cover the theoretical aspects of Eidetic Imagery. Demonstrations, individual practice of the methods and group discussion provide practical experience. Through this program one will:

  • Understand basic underlying theoretical structures of eidetic Imagery.
  • Experience the power of the Eidetic, both somatically and emotionally as well as grasp the meaning of the image.
  • Be able to administer the Eidetic Parents test and the Age Projection Test.
  • Learn how the Eidetic system relates to other theories.
  • Develop models for use of Eidetic Imagery in various fields.