We must promote the education of warm-heartedness and in that regard women should take a more active role in that education process. Empowerment of women is very, very important. I fully support it. The twenty-first century should be a century of dialogue. The previous century was the century of bloodshed. We must build a 21st century of peace. The male response has traditionally been solving problems through force. We must find how to solve problems and promote peace through women and dialogue.*


–His Holiness The Dalai Lama
*Please note that the translation is not word-for-word but rather the essence of the message.


“Women have a special capacity to lead us to a more peaceful world with compassion, affection and kindness. And there is no more important time for that than this moment.”


“Some people may call me a feminist…. But, we need more effort to promote basic human values – human compassion, human affection. And in that respect, females have more sensitivity for others’ pain and suffering.”


“Remembering the kind influence of my own mother, I pray that women working for inner peace and, through that, peace in the world, may be blessed with success.”


Women’s beliefs about themselves have been indoctrinated through years of cultural, historical, and psychological conditioning, affecting every area of life. However, at this time in history, the female mind is making a vital contribution to the world in all areas: government, politics, the corporate and business sectors, social activism, human rights, medicine, psychology, and science, as well as in their personal and familial relationships.


Women are increasingly finding themselves in leadership roles, resulting in a paradigm shift away from control and domination and toward inclusiveness, compassion, and emphasis on the highest good for all. The infusion of the feminine psyche sets the stage for greater balance of power and a new vision of the world.


Yet, as women find their way into leadership positions, this transition from male to female influence must be carefully navigated. Each woman must discover the unique strengths within herself and manifest these into the world around her in order to facilitate change for the betterment of all life.


This work can be furthered with the use of Eidetic Images – images stored in the mind as a source of new vision. Eidetic imagery reveals, in experiential fashion, how to access one’s innate states of power, strength, compassion, and feminine wisdom, which break suppressive, socially conditioned behaviors and perspectives. These empowered states are already encoded within one’s psyche, yet they are hidden from the surface and not fully known.


Beneath the rational mind exists an “underneath sense,” which, research has shown, remains powerful, dynamic, and whole in women, while their “top layer” of mind is suppressed. Through eidetic imagery work, this “underneath sense” is accessed so that women can function freely, powerfully, and with her innate wisdom, sans cultural conditioning.

This course explores how each woman views herself and allows her to discover her unique wisdom and the power she has to impact life around her.


This seminar explores:


  • The development of life goals and how to attain them;
  • How women can interact successfully with the men in their lives – be they mates, lovers, friends, sons, or authority figures – from a position of strength;
  • How women can value their own selves and how they can pass on this self-worth to their daughters and other women;
  • How to access their own “underneath sense” to bring forward their strengths and gifts so that they can be effective participants and contributors in modern life;
  • How to successfully deal with difficult people;
  • How to heal past traumas that continue to disempower her.


During the seminar, participants will:

  • Discuss the current international research on the distinctions of male and female leadership and work styles.
  • Learn about the ways women naturally function in congruence with their feminine selves and why women make better leaders at this time in history.
  • Unleash the unique powers each woman brings to her work life and how to use these powers effectively for all types of dilemmas.
  • Understand how a woman’s culture influences her effectiveness and how women can use this under standing to tap in to their deepest potential.
  • Offer imagery tools to deal with problem people, difficult decisions, and finding effective ways to approach challenging situations.
  • Uncover and fuel the passion that drives success.

Imagery research shows why and how women’s psyches differ from those of men – and how, contained within in each woman, is the necessary energy for transformation.


Women are the healers of this age. Women need to be in prominent positions of power and authority at this time in history for a shift to occur. It is only within the psyche of women that world transformation is possible.


Learn how women can change not only themselves, but also the world.