NOTE: Read General Instructions before performing the exercise

These images help you discover the ability to bring energy, enthusiasm and power to all that you do.


Image of Your Heart

  1. See your heart that is beating inside your chest on the left side of your body.
  2. Now, imagine that you are doing something with your whole heart in it.
  3. Become aware that your heart is made of essence (feeling of the heart) and it is made of flesh also (the physical side). When you put the essence of the heart and the flesh together, you have the feeling of the whole heart. Pay attention to this whole-heart feeling, with the essence and the flesh both in the feeling.
  4. Now see that you are doing something with your whole heart in it.
  5. See yourself doing other things with the whole heart in them.
  6. Now see that you are putting your whole heart into being with a person with whom you want to relate better. How are you with them? Allow the revelations of your heart to unfold.


Heart and Desire

  1. Think of all the desires you have.
  2. Let all of these desires come into your mind and let your heart beat with these desires.
  3. Let the world know your desires and let your heartbeat know the world. Go with your desires into the world.