Excerpt from Images of Desire

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A Return to Natural Sensuality

Sensuality is the inner warmth that radiates from some people and makes them objects of desire. Sensuality is not the sex appeal generated by the contemporary social icons of a “hot body” That is a short-term, artificial, outer image. Sensuality is a deeper, longer lasting, and richer essence that appeals to the opposite sex, a warm spirit that we carry within.

A sensuous person is a warm soul. This warm appeal is in all of us at birth, but many of us have lost it because of the layers of false images that have been instilled in us by society.

People are sensual when they feel sensual. What we feel inside is radiated to the world. But too many of us are sending the wrong signals because we have been brainwashed with false images of sensuality, images that have smothered our natural sexuality.

We entered this world warm, naked, and sensuous, unashamed and encumbered by hang-ups. From that time on, our natural sensuality was altered by our parents, peers, and misdirected influences from our culture. Because we have fallen from grace from our own original sensual spirit, we carry subliminal attitudes and body language that turn off—rather than on—people we are attracted to. And yet it is still here, our God-given, natural capacity for pleasure in our physical body and mind.

Many men grow up to believe that a woman’s sexual appeal is somehow wrapped up in the contours of her body I have heard women in heir twenties rate a man’s sexiness in the same way These individuals ire out of touch with their own sensuality.

We are a civilization of people hungry for sensual love while drowning in an ocean of sexual frenzy. Never before have so many women and men been so sexually fixated and emotionally unfulfilled. What was once a good-night kiss is now expected to go much further than that, yet we are emotionally starved while being sexually saturated.

The sex being marketed to us by every medium has a pornographic quality. It conflicts with the true nature of our sensuality.

Men and women have had their natural sensuality smothered by false images. Sensuality isn’t a brand of perfume, silicone in breasts, penile implants, or bathing suits that let it all hang out. It’s not something you pump up at the gym or buy at the lingerie counter.

Nor does beauty equate with sensuality Physical attractiveness and sensuality are not the same, but our society has put such an emphasis on superficial outer beauty and sex has been so commercialized—and impersonalized—that most of us have been dulled emotionally.

We may vary in physical appearance—few of us are the stuff of magazine covers. It’s not a question of how good-looking we are; the world is full of people who have happy, passionate, sensuous sex lives but couldn’t get through the door to a beauty contest.

But that natural, sensual warmth we were born with is still within us, ready to be drawn to the surface to be rediscovered and used.

People who are not sensuous have lost touch with the sensuality they were born with. It became tarnished as their sexuality was shaped by their parents and society Few of us are aware that we are carrying this suppression that causes us to feel inadequate or to freeze up, sending the wrong signals rather than expressing our honest passion.

We can reclaim our original nature through eidetic imaging, the science of emotions that is on the cutting edge of psychology. The process treats the brain like a computer. The brain stores and processes information in the form of “images” that commonly run through our minds like film clips. With imaging techniques, we are able to replace negative images (the baggage we carry) with positive ones that permit us to glow with our natural sensuality The first step to reclaiming our natural sensuality lies in our desires, and imaging can help us discover them.