You can try Eidetic Imagery on your own
using the simple exercises described below and in the following pages. Imaging is very easy, and the process is the same for all images.



Before getting started, read through all of the instructions for the image you want to try. You don’t need to memorize them. Read the instruction.See the image. Then read and follow the next instruction.


Remember, an eidetic is neither mere memory nor a figment of your imagination. It is an image recalled from the storehouse of visions in your mental bank. It may be from as long ago as childhood, or from very recent events. How long it has been in storage is not relevant.


Keep in mind that the eidetic contains three distinct parts:

1. The image itself, which can be vague or vivid;
2. The physical and/or emotional response or feeling that accompanies it;
3. The meaning revealed by it.


Sometimes people experience very profound emotional responses. They will laugh, cry, feel great joy or intense anger. Other times, the response may be much more subtle, such as a slight tension in the stomach or chest, a vague feeling of coolness or warmth, feeling ill at ease, or just feeling good.


Meaning refers to the insight you gain from the image. It is an automatic function of the image and you do not have to dig for it. If the eidetic is there, the meaning will also be there. Sometimes an image may produce an Aha! moment, a sudden insight and understanding that shouts out to you. Other times, you may simply gain a generalized sense of knowledge that offers new information about the situation or person you are imaging.


You begin the exercise by finding a quiet place where you can completely relax. Make yourself comfortable—you can either can sit or lay down. You may keep your eyes open or closed, which ever you prefer. The important thing is that you leave yourself open to see the image, feel the image, and gain insight from it.
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